Mia's Story

Warning: Mia's story discusses sexual assault and may be triggering for some people. Please visit our "Where to Get Help" page for details of support available in New Zealand.


Mia accepted a job offer in South Africa - excited to build a life that she had always wanted and pursue her dreams. But when she arrived, it was all a lie.

Mia was beaten repeatedly, then forced to recruit other girls to work in a club and brothel. She was given a phone to recruit with, but instead, she contacted a family member. Worried for Mia's safety, her family called A21's South African National Human Trafficking Hotline. The team there was able to make contact with her, and she was able to convince her traffickers to let her leave the property to get food. Mia bravely ran for it, and A21's call specialist guided her to a safe location using Google Maps.

Now, she is safe, free and reunited with her family.

*Story taken from A21 with permission

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