Anna Candle Holder

Anna Candle Holder

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The Anna candle holder speaks for itself, and tells the story of Anna who was recruited by what is called the “Lover Boy’ tactic . Lured into trafficking under the pretenses of a romantic relationship.


Anna’s Story


Note: Anna's story discusses sexual assault which may be triggering for some people. Please visit our "Where to get Help" page for information on support available in NZ.


One day while waiting for the bus, A man struck up a conversation with Anna. He was attractive, engaging and charming. A few weeks passed, and they started dating.


He asked Anna to take a trip together, and she saw this as an opportunity to explore a big city. But as time went on, he became controlling.
Anna was forced to sleep with men for money and beaten if she refused. Until one day Anna bravely escaped.


She ran until she couldn’t run anymore, a bystander noticed her and connected her with A21. Anna is now in the care of A21 receiving the care and support she needs and deserves.