Lily trinket vessel

Lily trinket vessel

The Lily Vessel is perfect for holding your keys, rings or special pieces of jewellery. Next to your bed, by the front door or in the kitchen it is a charming addition to your home.


Lily’s Story


Growing up in a vulnerable home in Cambodia, Lily’s family struggled to generate enough income to eat. In her teenage years she felt more pressure to support the family financially. One day, a woman approached Lily with pictures of big houses, nice cars, and happy families. The woman offered a solution - marry abroad to have a better life and provide for her family.

Desperate to help, Lily accepted and packed her bags. But when she arrived she was locked in a room and stripped of her legal documents. Abused and forced into sexual exploitation, Lily lost hope of ever seeing her family again. Until one day, a couple noticed she was trapped. The couple was aware of human trafficking and helped Lily escape through an open window.

Lily braved the dangerous journey across the border back to Cambodia without legal documents. Upon her return she was referred to A21’s aftercare programme. Today Lily is safe, free, and taking steps towards restoration - regaining her strength through counselling, life skills training and vocational support to restore a life of independence.