Ivy Tea Cup

Ivy Tea Cup

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The Ivy tea cup holds the perfect sized cup of tea, each one is hand built and unique. It comes in gloss white, or frosted matte - but both tell Ivy's story.
Ivy's Story

Warning: Ivy's Story discusses sexual assault which may be triggering for some people. Please visit our "Where to get Help" page for information on support services available in NZ.

It was supposed to be a fun night, he was a friend of a friend who seemed to float in the same circles and we’d been flirting all night - the end game was obvious to both of us and I was thrilled about it.

It wasn’t until the next morning in the shower, trying to wash away the hangover, did the sinking feeling hit me as I realised what he’d done. At some point he’d removed the condom I’d insisted on, and I hadn’t noticed. Suddenly lightheaded, I sat down trying to piece together what this meant for me. The weeks waiting for my next period and negative STI test dragged on, I cried when they both finally arrived.
Even still, a little voice in the back of my head kept whispering “well, at least you weren’t raped”. After all, I had consented to everything.  Hadn’t I?

But I hadn’t. I had consented to an encounter under parameters, namely that we used protection. The moment those parameters changed, my consent was revoked. 

I’ve since learnt there is a name for this behaviour and even online forums giving men tips on how to get away with it unnoticed, but whatever they call it - it’s a breach of consent, and it’s sexual assault. 

I think people seem to have this idea that rapists are exclusively creepy men who jump out of bushes and drag women into dark alleys. But the reality is it’s so much more nuanced than that. While these random acts do occur, the vast majority of women who experience sexual assault know their perpetrator. 
We all have stories and we all deserve healing.